26 April 2009

A Matter of Perspective

Happy Trails, Grandpa Rocky and Grandma Dmom! Here's a photo from last spring. As I was taking this photo, I was captivated by all the pelicans sunning themselves on the boat, waiting for the motivation to go fishing. I was totally focused on what was right in front of my face. The sun, the wind, the birds and my distressed child with her very precarious ice cream cone.
After we got home, I saw the dolphin. I'd been looking for one all day and had yet to see one. One year later, there he was. Sometimes my life is like that. I live each day with "stuff" right in front of my face, not even thinking there could be more to the picture than what I'm seeing at the moment.
I guess that's where faith comes in. I have to believe that even though I can't always make sense of the mess, God knows. Do I really believe He's big enough to take care of what I can't? If I can't trust Him (and I'm not saying it's easy) then what am I saying about who He really is?

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