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Welcome to our world. Life travels at the speed of peanut butter and jelly around here. Would you believe this is the latest family photo I can find? It's five years old...that's just wrong.

We are a family four living in the north woods of MN. Shortly before this photo was taken, we moved here from Central Illinois farmland for job relocation. It was a bit of a culture shock to be sure. This blog is about our adjustment, our homeschooling journey and our life. When I'm distracted by homeschooling, managing a household, and letting my creative side out to play, this is where I leave my brain so I can find it later.

We like to pretend we have a rhythm to our life, and to this blog as well (although I can't be held responsible for aforementioned distractions):
  • Mmm...onday: From the kitchen, and usually food related. Perhaps a recipe, menu plan, or cookbook recommendation. Occasionally a cautionary tale involving chocolate.
  • Totally Artsy: Art related. We participate in Sketch Tuesday at Harmony Art Mom, and do artsy stuff all the week long.
  • Word of the Week: On Wednesdays I usually blog about homeschool stuff, what we're reading, what's on the bookshelf, and what we've learned from it.
  • Thrifty Stuff: Home stuff: organizing our lives (most definitely a work in progress), living frugally and getting outside of the consumer mindset.
  • Fun Stuff: Sometimes, it's about frugal fun, other times it's fun things we've found around the internet.
  • Saturday: Life up north. What we're learning, where we are going, what strikes us as funny about life in the north woods of MN.
  • Sunday: No blog postings on Sundays. We're taking a break.
I'm apologizing ahead of time for the sporadic posting habits that will occur in spite of my best intentions. I consider my "real" life to be more important than my "virtual reality." Life has a way of happening, and I don't want to miss out on it, especially when the weather is good enough to get outside (which is not during the winter around here). Did I mention that I am also frequently distracted? Squirrel!

My Stick Family from WiddlyTinks.com

This blog is about our family, so perhaps you would like to meet the rest of us. Mr. Dad is in radio. He works here. His hobbies are radio, radio and... radio. We like it when we can spend time together, and are thankful that our marriage is not the same as it was the first year! The Curly-headed girl loves to play Uno with her dad. The Straight-haired girl likes to draw with him. All three of them love to go out and play baseball with whoever happens to wander into our yard.

The Straight-haired girl is sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. She loves animals, especially giraffes and hamsters. She also likes to play outside a lot! Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese with extra cheese. She likes to draw and create things for her family. Her favorite colors are Purple and green. She is often seen in the company of a small pink giraffe named Baer. Her favorite book is A Nest for Celeste. Her favorite flower is either a daffodil or a violet, depending on when you ask her.

To see what the Straight-Haired Girl has been up to, visit her at pipsqueak, jr.

The Curly-headed girl is a very energetic girl. She likes to bake cakes, read, play the piano, go ice-skating and eat spaghetti and cottage cheese. Her favorite flower is a tulip. Her favorite colors are red, yellow, blue and lime green. She likes Gooseberry Falls very much. That's on the Northshore. She likes homeschool and wants to have her own bookstore when she grows up. She wants to call it the Blue Kangaroo No. 2.

    See what the Curly-headed girl has been up to at her blog, World of Curlz.


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