28 December 2010

Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out Like They Should

Note to self: never google the word "chocolate" in the midst of a particularly serious craving. Oh, no. Not a good idea, because this is what pops up.

I'm getting hungry right now!

I needed to make this particular bit of dreaminess. I needed to eat beautiful chocolate peanut butter pudding before something dire happened. Except, this is real life and what you think will go wrong (chunky eggs in the pudding) usually doesn't. It's the unexpected things (exploding chocolate) that knock you flat on your bum.

Everything was tooling along quite nicely when I just had to go and make the chocolate cups, because everyone knows that chocolate peanut butter pudding should be served in real chocolate bowls with lots of real whipped cream on top. I even had sprinkles ready to add more flair. I was all set to impress the girls with yumminess.

See how nice and pretty?
I was busily dipping balloons in melted chocolate and placing them neatly on waxed-papered cookie sheets when the second one popped. Yep. Exploded and flew all over the kitchen, and up and onto my favorite Illini t-shirt. By the time I finally had enough cups to feed myself and the girls, about six of those buggers had managed to add themselves to the paint job on my dining room wall. Then, to add insult to injury, the balloons would not unstick themselves from the chocolate when I popped them. It was a mess and a half.

I have added chocolate to melted butter and powdered sugar on the list of items that are potentially dangerous to my health. Who knew they could explode like that? I mean, really. Those were the ugliest pudding cups I've ever seen.

Even though they turned out far from the ideal, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I figure all the energy expended to make them totally canceled out the calories I ingested. Although, next time I will wait until the chocolate cools a bit (should have followed that bit of advice), and I won't use cheap balloons from the dollar store!

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  1. This reminds me of the time a few months ago when I was wiping off a (still lit) glass bulb in our bathroom with a cool washcloth. It exploded everywhere.

    There's always next time!



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