04 July 2009

Happy Birthday, USA!

We found face paint at our local craft store that was inexpensive, didn't crack or itch on our faces and washed right off. The girls painted anyone willing to stand still long enough. (I did get some strange looks walking around in a grown up body with a rocket on my cheek.) After everyone was properly attired, we headed uptown for the festivities.

I love summer up here! Where else in the world can a child enter the kiddie parade and get paid $2 for all that bike riding? After the girls had worn themselves out (and Daddy and Grandma, too) they sat down to watch the parade.

What made Independence Day so great this year was the fact that my family came up to spend time with us. After the parade we went to the park to try out the bouncy castle. Upon finding out that her mother refused to pay three dollars for her to bounce for three minutes, the curly-headed girl had a serious meltdown. We went home for naps.

But, of course we had to go watch fireworks after dark. Here we are at 10:00 p.m. waiting for them to start. Summer is SO great!

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