17 July 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Out of Dodge

Three of my friends and I decided to go camping with our children this week. This is something we have done before and survived with our sanity mostly intact, so we weren’t anticipating any major challenges. We took our twelve children, aged two to thirteen, loaded up my friend’s suburban, a decrepit old pick-up truck with a camper on back, and a new SUV and headed to Norway Beach on Cass Lake. The friends who stayed behind warned us about the weather forecast. We thought they were a bit alarmist.

It has been a cold and rainy summer up here, so we shouldn’t really have been surprised when the weather this week was cold and rainy with ferocious winds to boot. But in the words of the curly-headed girl, "You get what you get, and you don’t get upset." She’s quite the philosopher, that one.

In spite of our foolish optimism concerning the weather, we had a great time. Chippewa National Forest is just beautiful. The people who work at the Norway Beach Visitor’s Center/Gift Shop are very welcoming and the kids just love their programs. It was totally worth all the work to get there! There’s just something about being outside that makes me conscious of my very small place in this very big world: and I’m thankful for the perspective.

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