03 August 2009

Maple Dancing

Why do we even bother to buy our kids toys when they persist in playing with string, sticks, bungee cords and a big tree?

The straight-haired girl taught her sister the “maple dance” with a big stick and some ribbon. She also turned a tree in the front yard into a fort, complete with slingshots and a rope to deliver correspondence.

Our yard will never grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens with dangling string and bungee cords hanging from the trees. There is a trampled circle of grass under our teepee. The slip-and-slide will never contribute to a wonderful landscape photo; and when my children plant flowers, they tend to come up in crooked rows.

But kids can’t fight orcs with homemade catapaults on a pristine lawn. Creativity needs room to breathe and space to be messy. And apparently, it is much less expensive than Ortho.

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