20 September 2009

10 Reasons I Know I "Ain’t From Around Here."

10. Loons are still amazing to me.
9. Winter that lasts for six long months is hideous, and I will NEVER drive on an ice road.
8. I don’t like venison – in any form.
7. I consider three hours to be a very long drive just to go to Walmart.
6. Bears that stroll casually down the street freak me out.
5. I realize Kmart is not a good place to go for haute couture.
4. Kids on bikes play Border Patrol in front of my "how-us."
3. I still drive more cautiously on snow or ice.
2. Sixty degrees is considered warm enough to go to the beach????
1. For two days now, my neighbors have had a polka-sing along, complete with a live accordion player.

Apparently, I’m the only one who thinks it’s an unusual form of entertainment.

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