29 November 2009


Well, There Went November! Evidently, I completely missed the whole month.

In honor of Thanksgiving - a very important reminder to live a lifestyle of gratitude not only for, but to - I'm listing a few things for which I'm thankful to God:

handprints on the wall (there are children in the house)
dust bunnies under the bed (I get to spend time with them)
bungee cords hanging from the tree in the front yard (they are healthy enough to run and play)
size 8 men's shoes on the landing (even if he's not inherently neat, my husband is home)
dishes in the sink (we have good food to eat)
laundry (and clothes to wear)
the electric/gas bills (and our house is warm)

There is a lot to be thankful for this year...and always.

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