12 March 2010

Four Possible Causes of Baldness

1. You shave your head and it never grows back.
2. You get a cold and it all falls out when you sneeze too much. 
3. The wind blows all of your hair off your head.
4. Excessive hairbrushing (more than once a month) pulls it all out.
While these are all theories that members of our family have had at one time or another, the last one was postulated by the curly-headed girl. She would like everyone to know that she hates any kind of hairbrush. She wants to slap them and spank them and throw them on the floor. Then she wants to "smash them with a hammer." Getting your hair brushed is a traumatic experience around our house, and apparently even Mommy cannot get it right. She still loves me though. I know because she told me.

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