31 May 2010

Foraging for Food

Do we know how to have fun with nature or what?

Yes, the tent is set up in the living room. Your eyes are not deceiving you. When we can't get out and camp in the woods, we like to pretend. I found this tent on clearance at our local Stuff-Mart, and it has been a favorite plaything for the entire time we have owned it. The straight-haired girl maintains that what makes the tent so special is the gear hammock in the roof: Baer has his own place to sleep!

And since the tent was set up in the living room, we decided it was only natural to forage for some food. I hid dessert (chocolate) in an obscure place and left little white index cards scattered hither and yon. They ran all over the house searching for them. I didn't think it would be THAT much fun. The curly-headed girl has already decided we should do it again, but I do need to tell her that dessert will not be ice cream. I don't need a puddle of that in the bottom of my closet!

Just in case you think we are softies and unconnected with nature, we did go outside and garden for at least an hour today. Give us some credit, please!

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