07 August 2010

Before Summer Kicks the Bucket

It's coming. (Cue Jaws theme song.) Around here, we might have summer until Labor Day, if we are lucky: it definitely will be gone before the official end of summer date. So here is summer's bucket list.

10. Finish painting things on the walls and clean the house. Wait. Scratch that last bit. That's a "need to do" list.

9. Eat ice cream at Tara's Wharf

8. Finish my summer reading list and get my hands on a copy of Behemoth. Just 'cause.

7. Watch the stars come out with my family.

6. Ride my bike more.

5. Hike on the North Shore. (More later.)

4. Observe the wildlife in our yard more closely.

3. Spend at least one more day at the beach.

2. Make something beautiful.

1. Breathe: Inhale, pause, exhale, pause. Repeat. Practice gratitude. Remember that life is constructed of small moments like these.

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