15 October 2010

Nordic Ridge Farm

It doesn't seem to matter how old my kids are. Nordic Ridge is too much fun to pass up. The tube slide gets faster every year, and the maze gets bigger. We couldn't say the same thing for the hay stack, but it was still fun to play king of the hill.

We love to ride down to Nordic Ridge and "kid" around. Sorry. Couldn't resist - it was too obvious.

The new resident goat (sign not withstanding) has no ears. The curly-headed girl was quite concerned about it, but she is relieved to learn that it was bred to be that way. LaManchas are very good dairy goats, and the straight-haired girl is glad to know that.

We enjoyed a hay ride on a wagon through the woods - complete with crazy scarecrows from outer space -  had a great picnic lunch, learned useless farm trivia in the maze, and ate great popcorn. All in all, it was a very good day.


  1. This looks like great fun and reminds me of Tanner's Orchard here. Did you ever get there when you lived in IL? Hope you're having a great fall!!

  2. Sadly, we never got to Tanner's Orchard. Our fall trip was to Curtis Orchard, south of Champaign. That was fun, too. Our fall has been glorious. (See latest post.)



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