21 December 2010


Some of us still wear the elf hat and dig into the presents to pass them out. Some of us still squeal and make crazy happy faces when we open our presents. Some of us still run to the giver and hug them for all we're worth.

Others of us sit back quietly and watch. We are not quite sure that we want to be that crazy and we are sure that elf hats are not in style this season. We like to see what other people get and we are glad to open our presents, but we must be dignified in our thankfulness.
"Toyland, toyland, little girl and boy land. When you dwell within it, you are ever happy there!
Childhood joyland, mystical merry toyland. Once you pass it's borders you can never return again."
I was glad to that all of us needed to immediately open the Playmobil and start playing at once.

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