15 January 2011

52 Books: Week 2

This book came to me from my Grandmother, who was a fan of Gene Stratton-Porter. The copyright on this particular copy, well-worn as it is, is 1911. It was my great-grandfather's book, handed down to me.

Ms. Porter grew up in northern Indiana, near the Limberlost Swamp. She based many of her books in this area, and all of them are rich in local lore.

From the book jacket:
David Langston, called The Harvester of the Woods, works long and diligently, after the death of his mother, to make a success of the business of raising and selling medicinal herbs which he and his mother had started together. By dint of unswerving perseverance and diligence, he becomes very prosperous and is ready to consider marriage when he suddenly sees in a vision an exquisitely beautiful girl. Convinced that she will become his wife, he builds a beautiful house in his beloved woods and begins a search for the girl of his vision.
The Harvester is rich in plant-lore and would be highly interesting for those who wish to learn a bit about the history of herbal medicine or the plants that grew in the Limberlost of northern Indiana near the turn of the 20th Century.

And that's my second week's reading for 52 Books in 52 Weeks.

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  1. I love Gene Stratton Porter and read all of her books several times. I loved her characters and their appreciation of learning.




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