27 January 2011

Accidental Birding

Thankfully, someone in this house is gifted with superior powers of observation! We would have missed it otherwise.

First, there was one. We watched him for a while before we noticed a few more birds on the branches of our overloaded crabapple trees. They were cheeky little things. Flitting back and forth and trying to swallow the dried up fruit whole.

And then, the trees were suddenly full of them. We watched them feed for about fifteen minutes before we noticed they were not alone. Here and there were flashes of red.

Their friends, the Pine Grosbeaks were joining the feast. For another fifteen minutes, the birds stuffed themselves silly. The noise was loud enough to hear from our cozy perches inside the house.

At our best estimate, there were over fifty birds in our three trees. Most of them Bohemian Waxwings. What a sight! And then, just as quickly as they came; they were gone.

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