17 January 2011

My Favorite Photo of My Brother Ever. Maybe.

I love this man. I knew him when he wore diapers. I dressed him up in doll clothes and stuck funny looking turbans on his head. I chased him around with rolled up newspapers and screamed at him when he got into my stuff. I did all sorts of terrible things to him, and he still talks to me. Amazing.
He was funny and smart (I still maintain he had no logic) and did crazy things to make people laugh. I could tell you stories!

But now, he's very far away. And he has children of his own. He is still hilarious. He is still smart (sadly, still lacking logic). He is still my little brother. And I miss him very much.

It must be PMS.

Edited: Sadly, since I've written this, I could write another post entirely. The Little Guy (in the middle) will have his first birthday next Sunday and he has RSV. RSV is almost as common as the common cold. If you are over the age of three, you have probably contracted it at least once, but Respiratory Syncytial Virus is much worse than a cold if you are younger than that. At his age, it can be life threatening. The Little Guy is in the intensive care unit at their local hospital. Please pray for him. And for his mommy and daddy. He is so very sick.


  1. Beth, I'm praying for your nephew. Rachel had RSV at 5 weeks so I know how scary it can be, but unlike your nephew she did pretty well with it. Just wanted you to know he's on my mind!

  2. Thanks Leah, he's doing much better. He's in a regular hospital room now...Mom's keeping me updated.

  3. Very glad to hear it! Rachel was wheezy the rest of the winter after RSV. Tell them not to be afraid to use the nebulizer anytime he gets a cold. Wish I'd have known!



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