23 January 2011

Our Next Large Piece of Furniture

As you can see, the folks up here highly value their snowblowers. Those unsung heroes of snow removal can be seen up and down the streets soon after the last snowflake falls. The sidewalks around here are cleared before the streets these days.

Did I mention that we don't have a snowblower? A certain member of our family has walked for blocks to borrow one from friends. Other members of our family have shoveled copious amounts of snow by hand. In fact, shoveling is one of the straight-haired girl's favorite things to do on a cold sunny day.

And then, after the snow has all been neatly put in its place, and the snowblowers put to bed for the night...

...we get another few feet of snow and have to do it all again. Thankfully, we have great friends who take pity on us and dig us out. 

I think our next major furniture purchase will have to be a snowblower.

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