03 February 2011

The Mailman Cometh

Actually, it was the FedEx man. But mailman sounds more like the play title, which I won't be taking my children to see anytime soon. I digress...

When a box that large comes to the door, it attracts attention. They knew it was coming, and they knew what was inside. We love package delivery days. 

Last December, during the Home for the Holidays giveaways at Simple Organics, I hit the jackpot. (Actually, the girls did, 'cause they happen to be the right size.) I was so excited, I did the happy dance. Twice.

We're putting this beanbag to good use! It also makes a good foot rest for those of us who can't use it in the conventional way. And the Curly-headed girl has claimed the box as her own personal cave. Two for one!

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