16 March 2011

Art Museums on a Shoestring: Google Art Project

Granted, it's limited when you consider the sheer amount of art out there to be cataloged and photographed in great detail...but it's a start.

For those of us who cannot flit off to MoMA at a moment's notice, it's amazing! I like this piece of art by Van Gogh so much that I knew it was destined to be a floor to ceiling mural in an apartment I never rented. Nonetheless, I've never seen the original hanging on the wall, under the floodlights. Now, without leaving the (relative) comfort of my armchair, I can see all the brushstrokes close up and personal. It's almost as good as the real thing. Ok. Maybe not, but it's a step up from viewing the photo above. You can see each brushstroke, for Pete's sake. Whoever Pete is... I've always thought that Van Gogh was quite lavish with his application of paint. But when I viewed this piece of artwork, I could see the undercoat quite clearly in several places.

Like I said, it's still limited in scope, but I eagerly anticipate the addition of other museums to the collection. Since we live in the middle of a desert "museumically" speaking, I am beyond excited to show this website to the girls. The Straight-haired girl will be amazed. Who am I kidding: I am amazed! I've already been drawing and sketching and learning from seeing the next best thing to the "original." I think I've found my muse for the next week. Or two. Thanks, Harmony Art Mom, for spreading the word!

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