01 March 2011

I Am the Queen of Procrastination

How's that workin' for me, you ask?

Not so much.

This winter, I've been trying to edit the stuff crammed into this house like a teacher edits a bad term paper with a red sharpie. Except I get totally overwhelmed by the amount of work that's going to take, and find other WAY more interesting things to do. Like take an online sketch class. Or make fun projects with the girls. Or pluck my eyebrows...you get the picture.

On one of my more optimistic, "I will never procrastinate again" days, I found a little website called I'm An Organizing Junkie. Let's just say that I signed up for an online grocery list service. If you click on any of the few recipes I have actually posted on my Recipes page, you'll be directed to that blog post. At the end of the recipe, there is a link to the grocery list at Say Mmm. It's a really neat concept, and if I ever get an ipad I'll probably take complete and total advantage of the fact that I can load it all in there and shop with that list.

I dream of the day. Sigh. In the mean time, I'll be going crazy with my free copy of Clutter Rehab. I have purchased several organizing books in my life time. They were all full of great advice, and I would think to myself, "I really need to do that!" Then I'd get sidetracked and forget about it. I sent them out the door as the first items in subsequent decluttering phases.

I don't think that's going to happen this time around. Laura speaks my language. It's all short, sweet and to the point. With pictures! Some of the tips will take more time to accomplish, but others are five minute fixes that could become habits around here with a little effort.

One of my favorite quotes? 

"I told myself that there was always tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. The longer I procrastinated, the more stressed I was; the more stressed I was, the more chaotic my household was."

See? She speaks my language! I'm cautiously optimistic.


  1. Organizing junkies unite!!! I checked out the website - I think I've died and gone to organizational heaven. You know - the place where everything resides in neatly stacked and labeled bins? Each of which are labeled with a label maker????? Gasp - hyperventilating - must calm down...
    Is it wrong to love one's label maker more than one's husband? Just wondering...

  2. Thank you for your review! Oh I definitely can speak the language...been there done that for sure. In fact those days still happen sometimes because life continues to happen around us even after we get organized. With some key skills in place though (that anyone can learn!) you will be able to roll with those curveballs as they come at you. Take it one day at time!

    PS: Connie's comment made me LOL!!



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