21 April 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (April 22, 2010):

Outside my window...possible snow. In April? Really?

I am thinking...it will be an extremely short growing season this year.

I am thankful for...Good Friday and Easter Sunday; truly thankful.

From the learning rooms...the beginning of a new math adventure: their own "stores." The Curly-headed girl had to be convinced that this was pretend. We do have a shelf set up with books (and there will be funny money). The excitement is building over the imminent opening of Blue Kangaroo II. Meanwhile, the Straight-haired girl is building her inventory of pet stuffies. This could be lots of fun! I think I'm just as excited as they are.

From the kitchen...you just don't wanna know. Really.

I am wearing...a wool sweater and flip flops. It's a matter of principle. It has to warm up sometime.

I am creating...plans for next year while trying to finish this one. Planning makes me happy.

I am going...to take the day off today. We have done the MACHE conference, home school testing, six inches of snow, and the death of a beloved pet (who just happened to live at someone else's house) this week - that's about all I can handle for now, thank you very much! I will have my nose in the books I purchased at the conference, and my hand will be holding a big mug of hot chocolate...now, if only I can find the whipped cream.

I am reading trying to read...Aristotle. Lest you think I go around reading smart stuff on a regular basis, the rest of my reading list is comprised of the following: Mountain Rose Herbs catalog, a dollar store Sudoku book, Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education in 5 Simple Steps, June Bug, and The Way They Learn.

I am hoping...no one snores at our house tonight. I include myself in that statement sadly enough. Mr. Dad has to get up at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. He does this once in a while so we can remember how much we love his new banker's hours.

I am hearing... 'O dulcis electe' by Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179). Can you tell I'm trying to make a list for our music studies next year? I purchased the book A-Z of Classical Music: The Great Composers and Their Greatest Works and it came with links to free music from naxos.com. Bonus!

Around the house...it's a big mess. The Curly-headed girl finally got her room in tip-top shape. She's quite proud of it. However, she did so by letting her mother haul copious quantities of stuff into other rooms in the house. What left her room exploded, and now the rest of the house is a true disaster zone. We're gonna have to work on that.

One of my favorite things...is a warm "comfty" bed for sleeping. Which is where I should be right now...

A few plans for the rest of the week: day off, dinner at the House of Great Appetizers, open house at Voyageur's National Park for the Curly-headed girl's art contest entry, church, (I quote) Eatster dinner at the House of Great Friends, Food and Fun and possibly a nap or two.

Here is a video I am sharing...

I'm taking part in The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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  1. Mmm, naptime. Due to inlaws visiting my youngest is all out of whack when it comes to sleep. So today I have to skip church just so she can have a calm day with regular naps just so that our next week can be calm and she stays healthy.
    My house too is in a state of messiness. I am purging and organizing and the kids are playing. Hopefully I am all done by the time my cousin comes to visit this week.
    I hope you get your house back together again and that you get your naps.
    Please come visit me at piecesofmymind-marianne.blogspot.com



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