27 May 2011

Duluth Harbor and Aerial Lift Bridge

We were in Duluth for the homeschool convention in April. As we were watching out the window, this ship came into the harbor. Hopefully, these photos give some sense of the scale of these ships. They are absolutely huge.

As you can see, the lift bridge is large as well. Each time a ship enters the harbor, the bridge sounds its horn and the ship answers back.

I never get tired of watching them. There is a free Maritime Museum to the left of the brown buildings. There is a piston from a ships engine that is two stories tall. It is not from a large ship, only from a tug. Amazing!

On Friday, while we were waiting for a seminar, we looked out the window at Lake Superior (behind the ship below) and there were five ships out on the lake waiting to enter the harbor. The waves were so wild they were backed up that badly. Usually five is a large number of ships to enter the harbor over the entire course of the day!

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