07 May 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (May 6, 2011):

Outside my window...it was warm and sunny today. A fact for which I am thankful!

I am thinking...it's almost time to plant garden. I love to play in the dirt! (and I miss my t-shirt from Pike's). I have all kinds of ideas for gardening this year! I want to move a flower bed from the middle of the yard to the back wall of the house...I also want to make this:

I found this inspiring, although the bird bath will be much more modest.

And, se7en has inspired me to try this. My dream garden is below, but I need more yard before I can make that happen. More yard and about six garden gnomes...and I'm very sorry that I do not know where these three garden photos were found. I forgot to make notes, but if I find out who deserves the credit, I will correct the problem posthaste.

 I am thankful for...a friend who sees fit to share his dryer mending talents with us, and then tell us that he expect us not to pay him for sharing said talents. I feel loved by God when our friend does stuff like that. Plus, he reminds me a little of my dad somehow.

From the learning rooms...we have a bookstore in our living room, a pet store in the Straight-haired girl's room, and a mess in the kitchen! (I know, I know, what else is new?) We are reading Pavement Chalk Artist: The Three-Dimensional Drawings of Julian Beever, not Bieber, and his anamorphic drawings. This is quite fascinating. We could spend hours looking at his work and trying to figure out how he does it. We have also adopted a plant that no one else wanted, and we are growing grass heads in plastic cups. Historically speaking, the Curly-headed girl finds Nero quite despicable. Her quilting project is a great comfort. She can look at Care Bears and forget that horrible old Emperor. We're trying to finish it up by Thursday so she can put it in the quilt show.

From the kitchen...Avanti's French bread! Need I say more? And how do I get Avanti's French bread way, way, way up here? My friend and former next door neighbor gave me the "official recipe." I know not how she acquired it, and I know not to ask. =)

I am wearing...my favorite hoodie. It's still a little cool around the edges up here.

I am creating...next year's lesson plans. It's that time of year again. I could make plans all day, I think. If only everyone else would be just as excited about them...she says wistfully.

I am going...to teach a summer art class for kids. We will be doing self-portraits in the styles of various modern artists (Modigliani, Picasso, Klee). I can't wait!

I am reading...Vintage Reading by Robert Kanigel. He wrote a series of articles for The Baltimore Sun on classic books. More ideas for what to read at a later date. At this rate, I'll be 231 before I read all the books on my wish list. I find that slightly depressing.

I am hoping...for productive self-examination and slow but permanent change. Of the good kind. (That probably goes without saying. I guess most people would not hope for bad change.)

I am hearing...The Message Radio - Mr. Dad's newest project; and Mr. Dad, snoring on the couch.

Around the house...we have a new laundry system. I bought four baskets and let the girls decorate them with permanent markers. They had a blast, and they love their new baskets. (Sneaky of me, eh?) Whoever does laundry sorts it into the baskets as it comes out of the dryer. When a basket is full, its owner takes it upstairs and folds and puts the laundry away, and then returns the basket to its place. Voila! Laundry. Done. No more two hour laundry folding marathons. Theoretically.

One of my favorite things...is a Royal Donut coconut sprinkle doughnut. And due to my Internet sleuthing skills, I have just found out that they are healthy for me. No kidding! This just made my day!

A few plans for the rest of the week: a trip to Royal Donut. Just kidding.

Here is picture I am sharing...

I'm taking part in The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. How do I join The Simple Woman's Daybook? It looks like fun and I love these snapshots into your life.



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