09 June 2011

Labels Are Only Useful When Doing Laundry

I was reading an article from Simply Charlotte Mason about labels and how they shape our children. It was very interesting, and will be the focus of some organized thought around here. She said,
"But it dawned on me that when I fixate on the label, I neglect to look at her as a whole person. And when I neglect to look at her as a whole person, my expectations for her are lacking. That is when I need to remember that what we expect from our children subconsciously shapes what they expect from themselves and who they become [emphasis added]."
It's a great article. The thing that most stuck out at me is this: I have been guilty of comparing my child(ren) to others in an attempt to understand her. I see things in others and think, "That's my child!" Perhaps what I should be doing is enjoying her as she figures out who it is that God created her to be.

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