05 August 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (August 05, 2011):

Outside my window...it's getting dark earlier now. I am in bed after dark most nights. Thankfully, the sun can still beat me out of bed.

I am thinking...I'd still rather be too warm than too cold.

I am thankful for...fans.

From the learning rooms...the Straight-haired girl thrilled her grandma this week with her foray into the world of embroidery. Anything with a needle and thread makes Grandma very happy. The Curly-headed girl has played tennis, badminton, and baseball as often as she can find anyone willing to hit the ball back in her direction. It's great to see the pure unadulterated joy on that girl's face when her dad is willing to go play with her.

From the kitchen...I'm planning meals and shopping for Share-a-thon, our local radio station's fund raiser (where Mr. Dad works). It will be amazing to see what happens this year. Three weeks ago the station's 650 foot tower fell down in the midst of a storm. We are holding our breath in anticipation of what God will do.

I am wearing...a sundress with sandals.

I am creating...plans for the next school year. I am such a nerd. I love learning and I hope I never stop.

I am going...to the library tomorrow for the eleventy-fourth time this week. This time because I. am. scatter. brained. I forgot to retrieve something I printed, and the librarian was kind enough to keep it for me.

I am reading...Crazy Love by Francis Chan. A bit like being hit with a polite sledgehammer, but every once in a while I need that. Sadly enough. I'm reading it in company with others, and the discussions we have are every bit as challenging as the book. Good stuff. Also just finished Surprised by Oxford and One of Our Thursdays is Missing.

I am hoping...for more rain. We got five drops today, but our garden needs more rain so badly. Otherwise, when I harvest the vegetables they will be dried and there will be no need for the dehydrator. I can't say I am looking forward to freeze dried tomatoes. Rain would be nice.

I am hearing...fans.

Around the house...there are a lot of fans. And we're out of ice. Must fix that as soon as possible.

One of my favorite things...is a good fan. Are you seeing a trend? It's so hot that my brain has fried and become fixated with moving air.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a fish fry with friends on the lake. Bliss. (Hopefully there will be a good breeze.)

Here is picture I am sharing...

I'm taking part in The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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  1. I was wondering what you do during a heat wave!

    I've been thinking I need to do another SWD post. It's always fun to read yours.

    Praying for Share-a-Thon.



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