21 September 2011

Deserted Island Homeschooling

I've been thinking about how many things I think I need in order to homeschool. It can get a little excessive, so I've made a "deserted island homeschool list."

If emergency strikes, these are the things I'd absolutely need to have in order to continue to homeschool on a desert island: A Bible, a beach full of sand and a sturdy stick, and a good math book (because I lack the fortitude to create my own curriculum in this area). If all else fails, I would hope my local library would deliver books to deserted islands.

I'm keeping this list to remind myself that I needn't go overboard when it comes to purchasing homeschool materials. It's too easy to view it as necessary, when perhaps it is just more stuff in a different category.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great insight. We have all of God's world for our classroom!! I'd need the math book, too.



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