14 September 2011


It's a sad fact that four weeks into the school year, I found myself feeling a bit stuck.

So I gutted the school room and rearranged. I cleaned it within an inch of its life and put it all back together.
[To the reality police: no, I didn't take photos. I don't want to remember what that mess looked like. Plus, I was too busy trying to get the fan to follow me around. It was eleventy hundred stinkin' degrees up in that room. In September. In International Falls. It's unheard of. I shudder to think about what winter will bring, but I digress...]
Having reorganized the school half of the room (the other half looks like a bomb went off), I felt slightly better.

And I also realized that having a teacher's plan book is a habit I can't do without for the time being. I feel all discombobulated without it. So I made my own form which I will subsequently copy eleventy hundred times - if it works.

So now I'm all revved up for another week. Sometimes, change is a good thing.

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