10 October 2011

Changing Seasons

Yes, Virginia, there are four seasons. But around here, they differ a bit from the norm. We have mud season, almost winter, winter, and road construction. As you can see, we are experiencing our annual two week stint of almost winter.

And given the fact that such opportunities are fleeting, the Straight-haired girl did what any self respecting person of her age would do: She raked up all the leaves into a great big pile (enlisting her friends to help) and promptly dove right in.

Which of course meant that they had to be raked up again.

And again.

And long after the friends had gone home, they were forced to come in and go to bed at a decent hour. Sadly enough, I made them wash their feet, too.

In light of all this fall goodness, I'd like to share my favorite fall recipe. It's easy peasy. Good for those days when you want to go out and fling leaves around with the kids.

Beef Stew

stew meat (1 pound for every five people)
potatoes (1 for each person)
carrots (1 for each person)
onion (1 large)

Chop up the ingredients and fling them in the crockpot, meat first. Add one or two cups of water, and press two garlic cloves into the pot. Add a bay leaf or two and a teaspoon of basil. Cover it and let it cook all day - at least eight hours on low. About half an hour before you serve the stew, mix one tablespoon of cornstarch in a half cup of water. Stir it into the stew and put the lid back on. By the time the table is set and the hands (and feet) are washed it should be thick enough. Salt and pepper it to taste and serve with good bread.

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  1. The Straight-haired girl looks like she's grown a foot since the last time I saw her! And the recipe--yum!!



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