07 October 2011

Point of View

Just for fun, here's the Curly-headed girl's take on her latest reading assignment: Howard Pyle's Robin Hood.
Robin hood was a very mean thief and Robber. How Robin became an outlaw was he shot the kings deer. [Clearly not reason enough...] The sherrif was trying to catch him so he gave the wood carver a warant so that if he caught Robin he would get a reward. The wood carver set out but ran into Robin not knowing it was him. So Robin invited the wood carver to the Blue Boar inn and they had ale and talked for hours. But the wood carver didn't know was that Robin asked the owner to put more ale in his cup so that he would fall asleep and Robin would go. So the wood carver fell asleep and Robin went out and first payed the inn kepper. When the wood carver woke up Robin was gone and he was all alone. The wood carver finaly knew he was Robin and set out to catch him.

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