22 November 2011

Grandma's Chili

1 small onion
1 ½ lb. ground beef

2 cans kidney beans, drained

2 8 oz. cans Hunts tomato sauce

salt and pepper

1 t. chili powder (or more)

I have it on good authority that this is best prepared in a cast iron skillet. So, if you have one, you're in luck! Start by salting the skillet, then brown the beef and onions together. When the beef is brown, add the cans of beans and tomato sauce. Sometimes, if I'm feeling a little bit crazy, I will add diced tomatoes to the mix.

Why would that be considered crazy, you ask? When I add the tomatoes, the Pipsqueaks do not take well to large red chunks floating in their chili. Go figure.

Whether or not you decide to live dangerously and add tomatoes, season it to taste with salt and pepper, then add the chili powder. Simmer this mix on the stove for a good long time. It breaks down the beans and combines the flavors.

When you have simmered the base for a couple of hours, put it in a soup pot and add a can of tomato juice. Taste it and re-season if necessary. Heat it up and serve with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

(It really is worth the extra step to cook it in cast iron.)

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