11 February 2015

Love Letters

Every year the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators hosts a convention for the entire state. The location rotates between Duluth, the Twin Cities, and Rochester. Rochester is six and a half hours away from where we live, and we don't always go on those years. When the convention was in Rochester several years back, I went to an alternative convention put on by the Duluth homeschool group. Although I missed the ginormous room full of used books at MACHE, the CORE convention was excellent.

Tracey Finck was one of the presenters that day, and what she had to say really lit a fire in my brain. I go back and read my notes every once in a while when I am discouraged, and I always come away feeling better about our school journey. She's the author of the little paperback book Love Letters to a Child. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to use the medium of journaling to enrich the relationship they share with their children.

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