26 March 2009

Mud Rules

This is a bit much, even for an almost-nine-year-old. All this snow is just getting in the way of the MUD!!!! Of course, mud must not actually touch the feet or hands. These are her rules:
1.) Mud boots must protect the feet from any yuckiness.
2.) No one else may splash mud on any part of the almost-nine-year-old's self or (heaven forbid) on her clothing.
3.) The nine year old may splash mud on any sibling or parent who ventures near. No one may complain. She, however, must be allowed to giggle hysterically when it happens and pretend it was an accident.
I can't believe she is almost nine! The glittery red shoes and little girl delight in mud puddles is something I will treasure for a long, long time. Although I am delighted to see her big girl self unfolding, I am still busy tucking away these little snippets of the toddler who is almost invisible now. Only when she is sleeping can I see my almost-nine-year-old at three.

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