11 March 2009

When Reality Smacks You In the Face

I can get quite frantic waiting for spring to appear. I start looking for signs about a month before anyone could reasonably expect it to arrive. That's me: ever the starry-eyed optimist. (Pick yourself up off the floor, now.) We got blasted yesterday with the worst snow storm I've experienced since age 8. All the snow that had melted away? We got it back with more. Oh, so much more.

I love snow. Really. It's just that I thought we were done with snow for the year, and I had already moved on in my mind to mud season. I even had the kids' mud boots out and spiffed up in breathless anticipation of the puddles to come. Oh well. Sky high piles of snow are rather addictive and one must make the most of what comes along. Tomorrow, we put on the snow clothes and try to slide down the pile in our yard. Hope no one gets buried under a collapsed snow tunnel!

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