23 May 2009

Birthday Blowout!

The girls decided to combine their birthday festivities this year for a massive dive-in at a local hotel. They had a great time, not the least of which was their pre-party icing fest. We baked four cakes (yes, count them!) and frosted them with white. Then we used neon food coloring to write all over the top and completed this look with sprinkles from every holiday possible; Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day. The crowning touch? Toothpick flags from the 4th of July. Oh, yeah. We know how to party!!

The kids had a great time, and they only came out of the pool for hot dogs and cake. Oh, and presents. We yanked them out at bedtime, pruney fingers, toes and all. Great time was had by all.

Of course, while the kids were swimming the moms were talking shop. We talked about - what else - homeschooling. It's bordering on an obsession. I have to stop this! Summer is coming!!

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