26 May 2009

Road Tripping with Grandpa and Grandma

What a great day! When Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us last month, we never thought we'd get to show them some of our favorite places in the state. The girls were beyond excited about going to Duluth for the day. The straight-haired girl loves to watch the lift bridge go up and down, and it's a toss-up as to whether or not she prefers that to shopping. She spent all of her fun money on clothes. (No surprise there!) Her sister, the curly-headed one, bought a book and some glamorous sunglasses. She's saving the rest of her money for who knows what. Probably a digital camera, as that is the most sought after item on her list.

We also headed up to Hawk's Ridge. The road is a little bumpy, but the bridges make up for the jolts. The view at the top is pretty amazing. The girls had gotten binoculars for their birthday and would have spent the entire afternoon looking for ships on Lake Superior. Of course, the straight- haired one needed to sketch the view in her new nature notebook. They were pretty cute with their backpacks in tow.

We didn't see any hawks, though; wrong time of day/year or something. In spite of that, I can say a good time was had by all.

The whole day was great, but my favorite moment was a total accident. I thought I knew the way down from Hawk's Ridge to the mall. Turns out I was wrong. We wandered for a bit and then decided it was prudent to stop and ask for directions. Et voila!!

Yes, it is! It's a real honest to goodness PIGGLY WIGGLY. I was laughing my head off! My sister and sister-in-law have got to see this some day. We are gonna road trip to Duluth just to see this store and then turn around and drive right back home.

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