17 May 2009

Oh, Look! It's a Rodent...

I am NOT a rodent fan. I had "an incident" with a small furry sniffling thing one deep, dark night. I was walking barefoot through the house when I (gulp) stepped on it. I'm cringing, this is highly traumatic just remembering it. (Imagine how the poor little mouse felt...)

I landed on top of the kitchen counter. Fortunately, I was in high school and young enough that I didn't throw my hip out of joint doing things like that. Since then my natural inclination to be wary of rodenty things has become an obsession.

It was love at first sight. In the straight-haired girl's words, Fuzzball is "beyond awesome." She climbs up through the holes and stuffs things in her mouth. She takes lettuce and carrots and grapes from the straight-haired girl's hands.

The straight-haired girl is in pet heaven. She was angling for a kitty, but Dad is allergic to such things. So, I squeamishly followed her into the pet store. She spent every last penny she had saved for months into this hamster. I hope it lives a long, healthy life.

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