13 May 2009

I'm Trapped Inside My Own Head!

I used to sit in Mrs. Camp’s high school English class and think to myself, "Is there any way I can escape my own point of view?

My friend Hardin is adamant that effective communication must stem from well defined beginnings. If you want to debate an issue, then both sides must have a common foundation from which to begin the argument. It does matter what your definition of "is" is. Unfortunately, objective truth is on the endangered species list. It can only go downhill from there.

Is it even possible to communicate well with others when there is not a basic understanding of truth? Are we, as humans, losing our ability to think straight?

I would argue that truth transcends my personal experience. God has defined truth for us all, if we are willing to listen and admit the possibility that we do not have all of the answers.
"In God there is absolute truth; in our articulations there is always something lacking, something partial, and something still yearning yet for more. A proper confidence in the God who atones reminds us of this and keeps us humble – and in conversation as we work this atonement thing out in each generation." – Scot McKnight

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