09 May 2009

Why Do I Do This?

Here's the question of the year: Why do we think we have to do this stuff?

My Mom made dresses for us when we were younger, and I know it was an act of love. I also know she just loves to sew, and it was a frugal way to keep clothes on our backs. I, on the other hand, do not love to sew. It is also cheaper to buy our clothes off the rack because fabric is way to expensive to make sewing a frugal way to clothe my children.

This begs the question: Why do I do this? I'd much rather draw, and I hate, hate, hate, to rip out seams. I also do not save money doing it, because Clearance is my friend and fabric is way too expensive these days. So why do I sew dresses for the girls? Probably because Mom did it that way and I want to give the girls something to show them I love them...

Evidently, it's not working...the other night, the straight haired girl said to me, "Mom, do you think we could just get Easter dresses at Kmart next year? The curly headed girl and I were the only ones who were wearing homemade dresses at church and it was just embarrassing."

The only thing I could think was, "Wow! I've been doing this and I didn't even have to. I'm taking a sharpie to this item on my to-do list. Wahoo!" Honestly, I'm relieved that I don't feel the pressure to keep up that little tradition. I do have to disagree with them, though. The dresses were adorable.

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