05 September 2009

Oops, I Did It Again!

We took our official first day of school photos this morning; three weeks after school started. Of course it had to be today, because I can’t do anything in a timely fashion!

I followed the kids out the front door, and decided that it would look much better in our photos if we couldn’t see the messy school table. So, I shut the door. As I was slamming it, I realized that I had not unlocked it. Then I realized that I wouldn’t be going in the back door either. The dad was the last one out the back door, and it was locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

So, now I was standing on the front step with my hair uncombed and no make-up. My clothes were not the "go visit your neighbor" type, and I was a fright. By contrast, the girls were dressed quite nicely.

After I calmed the curly-headed girl down from her incipient panic attack, we trotted down to Judy and Gene’s house and begged to use their phone. They must think we are insane, but what else could we have done?

After we called the dad and finished our chat with our neighbors, we strolled home and finished the school photos. I think they turned our pretty well, with the exception of that last one…

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