08 September 2009

The Running of the Girls

We are quite privileged to have an entertainment troupe living in our house! Tonight, the girls escorted me into the living room to sit in the rocking chair (with my eyes closed) as they did some important last minute whispering. This is the eclectic program to which I was treated:

The curly-headed girl sat down in her chair in front of the "stage" and presented The Diary of a Fly, The Barbary Pirates, and a Thomas Jefferson biography. She read the first book and tossed it to the floor (sorry Diane). She promptly opened the second with great ceremony, looked at the front page and said, "This one has too many words and not enough pictures for story time. You would be bored." The second book followed the first. She proudly opened the third one and paused. "This concludes Story Time With The Curly-Headed Girl," she announced, and the third book went the same route as the first two as she jumped up and ran out of the room.

A few whispers and giggles later, and they sashayed back in singing some crazy song they made up and dancing to "One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine a hundred." It seemed to involve an excessive amount of posing.

Then they proudly introduced their paper guitars (Dorothy and Winn-Dixie) which had been made fifteen minutes earlier. I was treated to the strains of "na-na-na-na-hey-hey-hey, good-bye!" Their song repertoire was as eclectic as the curly-headed girl’s choice of books for her "story hour."

For the grand finale, they took the curtains from the straight-haired girl’s room and used them as a matador’s cape. I was afraid for the life of everything in the room, including my own… but it all turned out well. Fortunately, the matador and her bull went to bed peacefully just moments ago.

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