07 September 2009

What Did You Say?

I love, love, love summer! From Memorial Day to Labor Day is truly all the summer we get in our neck of the woods. It went by in a flash this year. I blinked, and wham: Labor Day is here.
You know those days of summer when you lounge around eating and drinking and not moving except to draw and discard. The kids play hide and seek, and then the guys wander off to play Frisbee so the girls can chat. It was a peaceful afternoon like that at our friends’ farm along the river.

And then the kids discovered the chickens…

Every time the rooster crowed (which was often, given the fact that he was quite riled up by all the noise), the kids jumped off the trailer and yelled at him. Then they danced and sang the "funky chicken." I can only imagine where they learned THAT!

1 comment:

  1. mom I did not learn that from a cd I learned that from the chicken dancers and I thought it was funny and so I joined!! and when u came and began to take pictures of us so I quit!



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