05 January 2010

Playing Catch

My sister and I have been playing the same game of catch for twelve years.

It all started when Mom and my youngest sister and I were on vacation in southern Ohio. We (the sisters) were tired of libraries and courthouses. So, we set off to find something else to do while Mom was digging away in Warren County Courthouse. We were wandering in and out of touristy-type shops in Lebanon when a silver ball caught my eye.

The tassel is long gone and I'm on a quest to replace it with just the right thing, but we've been filling it for each other ever since: a tiny glass dolphin, Pippi Longstocking knee socks, yummy soap, beaded bracelets, gum, and the ever popular Lindor's chocolate truffles. I love to trade fun things with her. Sometimes, the object doesn't fit inside the ball, so we just mail it in a bigger box. Who doesn't like getting fun packages in the mail?

When we started this game, we lived across the road from each other. Little did we know that someday I would be 800 miles away from home. It's been a great way to say, "I'm thinking about you, even if I can't run over to your house right now."

1 comment:

  1. What a terrific idea. I may have to copy it, or at least see if I can find something to play catch with my sister.



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