04 May 2010

How Deep Is It?

My trusty old college dictionary defines belief as an opinion or conviction; confidence in the truth – or in the existence of something that cannot immediately be proven. Is it enough just to believe something in your heart? Can it truly be belief if it doesn’t affect your life at the most basic level?

When asked what would happen if she jumped into the pool with her lifejacket, the curly-headed girl would say, “I will pop right back up.” But then she sat on the edge of the pool, gathering her courage until she could bring herself to climb gingerly down the ladder. She fearfully let go one finger or toe at a time until she felt the jacket support her. No confidence in the truth she was parroting…you could see it on her face.

Over time, and with lots of encouragement, she came to the conclusion that it was true for her, too. When she really started believing her life jacket would keep her from drowning, she started throwing herself into the pool with abandon. Now she is jumping off of the diving board. It is wonderful to see her fling herself into the pool with the specific goal of relocating as much water as her little body can possibly send into the air. So much the better if it lands on someone who is standing a little too close to the edge of the pool!

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