07 May 2010

The Jar of Fun

Pipsqueak, Inc. is proud to have our first guest post today. The Curly-Headed Girl is here to bring you a fun new activity for your house. It provides lots of fun, and if you're down in the dumps, "use the Jar of Fun." It'll make you happy because it's fun and you get to spend time with your Mom.

First, you get a jar. Make sure it's clean. You don't want any yucky smells. Then you write down fun stuff to do on little slips of paper and put them in the jar. Make sure the jar has a lid though. When you shake it, you don't want every little slip going flying.

Next, you get the decorative paper and stuff you want to decorate your jar. We picked ice cream and polka-dot paper. Then you put the paper on wherever you like it. You have to write "Jar of Fun" on some paper for a label. If you want to, you can put paper on the lid. Also you can put a ribbon around the lid. If you want to, add a gem and buttons.

Then you pull out a slip of paper and have fun! Now if that doesn't make your day happy, we give up.

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