10 May 2010

The Wide Blue Yonder

They were pretty impressed by everything they saw. As we walked down to the underwater level, tanks with different kinds of turtles lined the walk. The curly-headed girl was just certain that you didn't actually need to touch the snapping turtle to experience the excruciating pain of a bite. The "WE BITE! Please don't touch the animals," sign didn't help.

The path went lower and lower until we walked into a beaver dam, and out under the tanks. Their jaws dropped open at that point and didn't close until we left the aquarium. The girls were watching the fish, and I was watching the girls. They saw sea turtles, manta rays, sharks of all kinds and seahorses. How wonderful to see all those photos they had studied come to life! They went through at a snail's pace and would have gone even more slowly, had we not been conscious of the people behind us who wanted to be done by Christmas.

Then we turned the corner at the end of the underwater tunnel. The straight-haired girl stopped in amazement and walked right up to the tank. With her face practically smashed against the glass; she stood there, mesmerized. Her finger danced with the jellyfish, and the awe that was on her face was worth every penny of admission.

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