22 September 2010

How to Change the World in One Simple Lesson

If, after much thought and reflection, I manage figure out what is wrong with the world and set out to change it; that's one thing. Sometimes, even I can recognize a great idea and try to make it part of my life. But trying to change the world isn't going to make much difference in the long run.

It's a totally different approach to wait for God to move me. To wait until I am compelled to be and do what's on His agenda and to allow that be-ing and do-ing to slowly change my life. (Maybe that's what my grandma meant when she said she'd get to "it," whatever "it" was, when the Spirit moved her.)
"In the one instance the thing is something objective; we come along and interest ourselves in it, take it up; but it is apart from us. It has our interest, it has our energy, it has our resources, but it is something objective to ourselves. It is a piece of work, a movement." -T. Austin-Sparks
But when the impetus comes from inside, suddenly it's more than just a part of me. It is woven into the very warp and weft of my life. I may not in fact be personally responsible for any of it, but I feel as though the responsibility for the whole mess could be laid at my feet.

Outside in, or inside out?

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