11 January 2011

Idea Glut

Open letter to those with Perfect Blogs promoting Perfect Lives:

Dear Crafty Queen/Domestic Diva/Kitchen Guru,

It's great fun to troll the internet looking for your creative ideas and saving them for a rainy day. I like seeing what you are teaching your kids, and what you're cooking for dinner. But the danger is this: sometimes I get sucked into believing that your lives are more valid than mine.  Or more perfect. Or more meaningful... because you are posting the details (in super glossy edited photos) on the internet.

The problem with too much of that is: all that creativity sucks the creativity right out of me. Bah!

Then I have all of your ideas floating around in my head and I cause myself unneeded anxiety because I never get any of those super glossy edited photos incorporated into my life. It also keeps me from coming up with my own ideas; and I swear, it promotes brain rot. I have wasted enough brain cells in high school. No need to continue that trend!

What works for you might not work so well in my life. (Note to self: print in really large letters and slap note on bathroom mirror!)

I'm tired of trying to make my internet-trolling self happy. My kids are growing up way too fast, and I only get one go around with that. I'm finding more gray hairs each day; and if I want to fight excess baggage in the claims department, I've got to get on the treadmill.

So, please don't be offended if I unfollow you. It's nothing personal. I'll just catch up with you later.

Or not.

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