07 February 2011


When the weather outside is frightful, the kids get restless and start thinking up new games. I have to admit this is a first, though. I've never had my children involved in running a Ponzi Scheme before.

The Curly-headed girl is quite the entrepreneur. She and her friend organized a fundraiser in our basement. They had a step ladder with signage, popcorn, crackers with fake cheese, cookies, a money box and a container of balloons on a plastic tub. Apparently, a free balloon was given with every purchase. Mine was purple.

When I asked her the purpose of all this fundraising activity, she replied in a very excited voice, "So we can get money, so you can not spend too much buying next year's school stuff!"

The food was weaseled from me, coins for the fund were supplied by...me. In fact, I am pretty sure those were my balloons, too. So much for saving money!

Edited to add photos, 2/17/11.

1 comment:

  1. That is too funny! Is she headed for a business career?



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