12 March 2011

It's a Good Day for a Picnic!

I talked to my mom yesterday. All the snow in her neck of the woods is gone, the grass is greening up, and the temperature has hit 60 already. It's even better farther south. I keep hearing rumors of garden planting activity. In our neck of the woods it's been snowing (since October). We've been sick all winter, and I have cabin fever times ten. The kids are antsy. The husband is gone. And it's snowing again.

When you can't get out much, you have to create your own excitement...it's time for a picnic! Let the creative director make name tags - that makes it an official indoor picnic. Fix the fanciest frozen pizza you can find, pull out the picnic blanket and have at it. (That is a stuffed hamster, by the way. I have my standards.)

Serve bubble gum for dessert, and practice blowing bubbles while playing Uno.

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