09 March 2011

Why Do We Homeschool?

  • We're the parents. It's our responsibility to oversee their education (among other things for which we're responsible), whether they learn at home or at school.
  • We want an integrated approach to our family’s education, and believe this is what God wants for our family at this time.
  • The home school environment is more conducive to individualized education. Children need to progress at their own pace and be free to pursue their own passions and interests. When there are twenty kids in the classroom, it's impossible to stop for three weeks while one child learns EVERYTHING there is to learn about saguaro cacti and elf owls.
  • Independent thinking and self-motivation are skills of great value in the “real world.” Where better to learn them than "on the job?"
  • Time spent together strengthens family relationships. More time = stronger relationships. We want our children to value relationships with people of all walks of life, not just their peers.

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